Entrepreneur's Day - Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria laid by NFED's Selection Committee in scrutinizing Entrepreneurs' Day Awardees through quality assessment has been the prominent highlight of bagging this coveted award. It is quite relevant and indispensable to categorize the awardees of 4th Entrepreneurs’ Day Awards ‘2016 and bestowing the appropriate Star Status in accordance with their profiles by Selection Committee.
The Star Categories will be based on the following: 
1) Education Qualification (s) 2) Overall Experience (Industry / Corporate / Organization / Enterprise / Trust / Society etc.) in Years 3) Socio-Economic Significance 4) Award (s) & Recognition (s) 5) Domain Accomplishment (s) a) New Innovation / Patents / Technology / Service (s)  b) Longevity & Scale of Operation  c) Entrepreneurial Leadership Achievements d) Socio-Economic Sustenance Activities and  e) Quality Management Measures & Compliance f) HR Practices / Activities  g) Workforce Welfare Activities 6) Societal Contribution (CSR / Social (Societal Development / Wellness Programmes / Activities)  7) Media, Publicity & Networking Activities

Entrepreneur Award Downloads
Award Categories
Young Entrepreneur / Social Entrepreneur
Senior Entrepreneur / Social Entrepreneur
Outstanding Entrepreneur / Social Entrepreneur
Who Can Apply
Chairman / Managing Directors / Founders & Co-Founders / Board of Directors / Proprietors /  
Entrepreneurs / Owners of Company / Franchises / Enterprises (Including Private Social Enterprises /  
Non-Governmental Organizations (Trust / Association / Society)) / Corporate / Industrial / Organization  
/ Governing Body (Excluding Government Sectors)


Nominations Concluded

Benefits of Winning

1. Registered Awardees will be bestowed with a Trophy, Award Plaque, Certificate along with Hi-Buffet Dinner
2. Credentials of the Awardees will be displayed online at www.nfedawards.com
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