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The National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED) has been into existence as a virtual organization, since 2003 at Chennai. In adherence to the presidium's official mandate it is a registered trust and headquartered at Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu, India in 2013. NFED is established as a unique organization under socialistic perspective catering to the socio-economic development at large through entrepreneurship. Its prime focus is creating an entrepreneurial cult across the nation through building a vibrant entrepreneurial base to bring in socio-economic sustenance through entrepreneurship development with a global perspective. NFED is into various activities such as: promoting entrepreneurship, conducting lectures and technical sessions on various management and entrepreneurship related avenues, workshops, training programmes (entrepreneurship awareness programme (EAP), entrepreneurship development programme (EDP), faculty development programme (FDP), management development programme (MDP)), organizing conferences and seminars, research and publications, skill development activities across all sects of society for capacity building. It has congregated numerous platforms for fostering its mission viz. research orientation, entrepreneurship education and programmes on skill development training so as to gear up the enterprising culture. It identified two dimensions for enacting these platforms i.e., entrepreneurship awareness creation (EAC) and entrepreneurship opportunity guidance (EOG).

NFED foresees that socio-economic sustenance of India is interwoven with entrepreneurship development, which is possible only through creating self-developed enterprising workforces through infusing enterprising skills. It strongly believes that only these workforces will bring in the desired societal progression and holistic socio-economic development of a country like India. The enterprising society alone only can refurbish economic prosperity. NFED emphasizes on fostering research activities at all levels to bring in transcendence for reinvigorating an individual and in turn gear up the entrepreneurial cult to foster the socio-economic growth of nation. It is into real-time research activity through its refereed publications, faculty development programmes (FDP) and national conferences, which not only facilitate the academia through curriculum innovation but also the industry by providing enterprising workforces for enhancing socio-economic productivity. Apart from its aforementioned activities, NFED has a key focus on social sensational aspects through its coveted awards and global recognitions. The Teachers' Day Awards, Entrepreneurs' Day Awards, Women's Day Awards and Children's Day Awards, which are the facilitative factors to accomplish its mission across the society by recognizing their services in different domains like: academia, industry, corporate, women, youths etc. NFED has endorsed 1570 awards on teachers, academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, working professionals, free-lancers, social workers, social activists etc. across the globe. Thus, NFED marching with its vision and mission in creating the socio-economic sustenance across the globe through entrepreneurship development.

Key Members of NFED

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KVJ. Prof. Dr. R. Ganesan
Founder Chairman

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Ms. Ramya Kandavel
Executive Chairman & Director

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Shri. K. Saju